Philip Tushingham

Born and raised in the UK, Philip moved to New Zealand in 2003.  After 32 years in the commercial property business, he brings a wealth of experience to Property Managers Ltd. Philip is based in Auckland, where he asset manages the current Auckland properties, and looks for new opportunities. Philip joined the team in 2009, becoming a partner in 2011. His excellent people skills and the global dimension he brings to the team are refreshing and motivating to all around him.

Philip has been a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the world’s leading property institution, since 1984. He set up his own commercial real estate agency, Tushingham Moore, in 1988 in Manchester, England which remains today as one of the most respected agency practices in the UK, leasing and selling commercial property. Philip also specialised in setting up commercial property syndications in the UK for a number of private clients.

Philip on Property Managers Group: ‘Honesty and passion have been the two fundamentals of my commercial property career and I saw the same qualities in Denis – that`s why I became involved with Property Managers. I am looking forward to growing the company particularly in the Auckland region – although the nerve centre will always be in Tauranga and our loyal investor base`.

Philip Tushingham

Position Consultant


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