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Formed in 1992, we are the most established syndication company in New Zealand. We have established an impressive 28 syndications in the past 23 years. In addition, we launched an unlisted fund call Pacific Property in 2014. Our investors and owners continue to benefit from our strong track record in terms of performance of properties under management.

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Property Management is our core service to property owners. We specialise across all areas of property management to help our property owners and investors receive the best returns on their investment.

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Body Corporate

The newest arm of our business. As specialists in the Unit Titles Act 2010, Unit Titles Regulations 2011, and associated legislation, we offer body corporate administration services to ensure the smooth running of your body corporate.

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At Property Managers Group, we are owners, managers and investors in property.

This unique business model is intrinsic to our success in being able to identify the best properties combined with in-house property management and body corporate expertise to add value to our investors, property owners and tenants.

Latest News

Increasing confidence in syndication investments
Property Managers Group (PMG) have a proactive approach to ensuring interest rates are managed; the
Over the past few months there has been an upsurge of interest from the Government into Bodies
We are pleased to announce our merger with property managers Altera Asset Management Limited

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